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Image Dissectors is a digital periodical, dedicated to perusing, reviewing and analysing the television, the internet, the radio and all other forms that contain words, pictures, sounds, either, neither or both.

The site is named after Philo Farnsworth's all-electronic television camera tube. Farnworth's invention was considered a masterpiece until the iconoscope was invented, instantly reducing Farnworth's image dissector to oblivion. The image dissector was inefficient and required very bright lighting to be used but it marked a huge leap forwards. Without it we would not have the television today and thousands of people would not be settiling down on a Saturday evening to watch The National Lottery Jetset. Just imagine a world like that. So join us in saluting Mr Farnworth and in taking a detailed, unbiased and irreverent look at all things media-related.

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As technology has increased, so to has the list of contact details on websites. Image Dissectors is no exception to this rule.






The Media News Aggregator is an automated process that extracts headlines from media websites across the internet and combines them together in one list. Clicking on an article will take you to the full article.

The aggregator updates every hour on the hour. It fetches articles from the following sources: the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Daily Mail and the BBC.


Like many things in the world and on the Internet, Image Dissectors is copyrighted. Unlike many things in the world and on the Internet, this copyright belongs to Robert Weedon and Simon Pitt. You may not copy material from this site and claim it as your own, although you can freely distribute links to this site at will. Any content taken from the site and used elsewhere should contain a link back to this site.

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