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Robert Weedon:

Robert Weedon used to be a postgraduate research musicologist specialising in British classical music of the late 19th and 20th centuries, in particular the composer Gerald Finzi.

After a variety of jobs administrating students, lorries, job applications and libraries, he has been coordinating IT (and anything else with a plug) for the BBC Entertainment, Music & Events department in London since 2014. This site is not affiliated with the BBC and contains only Robert’s personal views and opinions.

In addition to this site, Robert writes War Composers, a website about musicians involved in World War I. In 2015 his completion of William Denis Browne’s unfinished orchestral ballet The Comic Spirit was performed in London.

May 8 David Attenborough and the didactic documentary

David Attenborough and the didactic documentary

Robert Weedon | Sunday 8th May 2016

Sir David Attenborough celebrates his 90th birthday today as perhaps the most lauded television figure of our time, perhaps of all time. So why is it that his style of documentary is an endangered species?

Feb 26 Website nostalgia

Website nostalgia

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 26th February 2014

Films, books, TV, toys, radio; they can all be catalysts for nostalgia. But what about a website?

Feb 23 Play for Yesterday

Play for Yesterday

Robert Weedon | Sunday 23rd February 2014

"The play’s the thing" said Hamlet in some play or other, and early media people would have agreed with him, but probably not now. The word 'play' appeared as a label for drama from the first broadcasts on radio through to the golden age of television. Now it's never heard except in theatre. But is it the end for the TV play?

Feb 23 Back to the Fifties

Back to the Fifties

Robert Weedon | Sunday 23rd February 2014

TV always has a pet period, and in this article Robert argues slightly unconvincingly that at the moment we appear to be living in the 1950s.

Jul 16 Count Arthur Strong's TV transition

Count Arthur Strong's TV transition

Robert Weedon | Tuesday 16th July 2013

Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!, an affectionate and hilarious tribute to BBC Light Programme shows, has followed in the footsteps of Hancock in tranferring to television. But is it any good?

Jul 12 Classic FM's 10 best classical tear-jerkers

Classic FM's 10 best classical tear-jerkers

Robert Weedon | Friday 12th July 2013

Robert discusses a distasteful article on the Classic FM website.

Jul 6 3D TV - the white elephant in the room

3D TV - the white elephant in the room

Robert Weedon | Saturday 6th July 2013

As the BBC end their two year trial of 3D television, Robert looks at why they never really took off.

Jun 22 Classic FM and market research

Classic FM and market research

Robert Weedon | Saturday 22nd June 2013

Robert looks at Classic FM, the only non-BBC national FM station, and wonders how market research has shaped their playlist and whether it's better or worse for it.

Mar 2 Trite Team

Trite Team

Robert Weedon | Saturday 2nd March 2013

Robert compares two documentaries about Richard III based on the same footage and asks why Channel 4 found it so difficult to make a serious documentary.

Aug 6 Music at London 2012

Music at London 2012

Robert Weedon | Monday 6th August 2012

As John Inverdale annoys Robert with a throwaway quip, Image Dissectors take a look at the music of the 2012 far.

May 6 Video: All About Widescreen

Video: All About Widescreen

Robert Weedon | Sunday 6th May 2012

In their second visual article, Image Dissectors examine aspect ratios on film and television with the aid of some biscuits.

Mar 9 Modern Cliches: Helicopter journeys

Modern Cliches: Helicopter journeys

Robert Weedon | Friday 9th March 2012

A camera floats serenely over the British countryside. Turn on the TV every night to see it.

Nov 2 Not on Wikipedia? You may not exist...

Not on Wikipedia? You may not exist...

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 2nd November 2011

In this article, Robert claims that if you don't have a Wikipedia article, you probably aren't very important, wonders why more people don't pay editors to write their biographies and asks where Richard Briers went to school.

Aug 28 TV Trends: 2.35:1 matte strikes again

TV Trends: 2.35:1 matte strikes again

Robert Weedon | Sunday 28th August 2011

BBC Two is about to lose 20% of their drama output! Well, screen output anyway. Robert revisits the TV trend of using fake widescreen bars as they sneak their way onto BBC Two's "original British drama" strand.

Mar 23 Video: Why is Gerry Anderson so great?

Video: Why is Gerry Anderson so great?

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 23rd March 2011

In Image Dissectors' first visual article, Simon examines why Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation productions are perhaps the greatest children's programmes ever made.

Mar 3 Media Terms: Cobweb TV

Media Terms: Cobweb TV

Robert Weedon | Thursday 3rd March 2011

Sounding a bit like a horror show for children, Robert defines an obscure term used by fans of forgotten archive television programmes, before looking at why those cobwebs are unlikely to be swept away.

Feb 28 A Month in the Country - Falling Man

A Month in the Country - Falling Man

Robert Weedon | Monday 28th February 2011

As Colin Firth and The King's Speech clean up the film awards, Robert looks back to Firth's much earlier, but similarly afflicted first leading role in the 1987 film A Month in the Country.

Dec 28 A Ghost Story for Christmas

A Ghost Story for Christmas

Robert Weedon | Tuesday 28th December 2010

As BBC Two premier their new version of Whistle and I'll Come to You, Robert looks at an M.R. James adaptation that is perhaps unfairly overlooked, before seeing what he makes of the newest adaptation.

Sep 29 Writing a Wikipedia Featured Article: part 2

Writing a Wikipedia Featured Article: part 2

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 29th September 2010

Having had his article promoted to 'Featured Article' standard, Robert discusses what happened when Sherlock Holmes Baffled faced its toughest challenge yet - the Wikipedia front page.

Sep 28 Writing a Wikipedia Featured Article: part 1

Writing a Wikipedia Featured Article: part 1

Robert Weedon | Tuesday 28th September 2010

In the first of two articles, Robert discusses how to write a Wikipedia 'Featured Article', and why there aren't more of them about.

Sep 22 Review: Soul Music

Review: Soul Music

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Robert reviews one of Radio 4's hidden gems.

Sep 1 Audio Identities: Radio news themes

Audio Identities: Radio news themes

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 1st September 2010

As the Today programme dismisses the idea of having its own theme tune, Robert discusses why unlike TV, serious radio doesn't tend to have news themes, before looking at some examples from other national radio stations.

Aug 26 Review: Radio 4 Flashmob

Review: Radio 4 Flashmob

Robert Weedon | Thursday 26th August 2010

How do you show a radio programme on television? As Radio 4 make their first Red Button television programme, Robert has a look and wonders if they've missed the point slightly.

Jul 27 No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

Robert Weedon | Tuesday 27th July 2010

As EON's Bond series hits another stumbling block, Robert wonders if the real Bond villain might be bad luck.

Jul 26 News: UK Film Council to be abolished

News: UK Film Council to be abolished

Robert Weedon | Monday 26th July 2010

As part of a budget reduction at the Department of Culture Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt has decided to close the UK Film Council. Image Dissectors looks at what this might mean.

Jul 26 Review: Sherlock

Review: Sherlock

Robert Weedon | Monday 26th July 2010

From Doctor Who to Doctor Watson, Steven Moffat brings us yet another Sherlock Holmes adaptation, but is it any good?

Jun 29 Review: Rev

Review: Rev

Robert Weedon | Tuesday 29th June 2010

Tom Hollander's new ecclesiastical sitcom Rev. is the latest sitcom about a member of the clergy, although surprisingly, the first to feature an apparently realistic vicar. Robert discusses why.

Jun 16 Twinstant opinion

Twinstant opinion

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 16th June 2010

When a news story breaks these days, Twitter seems to be journalists' first port of call. Robert dissects why.

Jun 8 TV Trends: Conspicuous cameras

TV Trends: Conspicuous cameras

Robert Weedon | Tuesday 8th June 2010

The invisible wall between 'on and off camera' has been broken down in recent years. Robert examines why.

May 18 Review: Election 2010

Review: Election 2010

Robert Weedon | Tuesday 18th May 2010

After 5 months of intense speculation, hype, and more speculation, the 2010 General Election came and went. But what did the media make of it?

Apr 1 A TV Eggstravaganza?

A TV Eggstravaganza?

Robert Weedon | Thursday 1st April 2010

Robert looks over a somewhat disappointing Easter television schedule, and wonders why TV over the Easter bank holiday doesn't hold quite the same appeal as it does at Christmas.

Feb 20 Spectrum is Green

Spectrum is Green

Robert Weedon | Saturday 20th February 2010

Barry Gray was very talented at melody, harmony, rhapsody, and, um, symphony. But what is it about his music to Captain Scarlet that makes it so spooky? Robert investigates.

Feb 19 TV Trends: Drama goes live

TV Trends: Drama goes live

Robert Weedon | Friday 19th February 2010

As Eastenders celebrates its 25th anniversary by going out live, Image Dissectors discusses how it has revived a once-common TV tradition.

Feb 8 TV Trends: Darkening horizons

TV Trends: Darkening horizons

Robert Weedon | Monday 8th February 2010

So what's the secret of Top Gear's success? Apart from the cars, the presenters and everything else, it could be this effect.

Feb 7 Review: A Man Between Three Rivers

Review: A Man Between Three Rivers

Robert Weedon | Sunday 7th February 2010

Robert looks at Anglia Television and the importance of the lost genre of regional ITV documentaries, before examining a particularly fine example from 1975.

Feb 1 Goodbye Teletext

Goodbye Teletext

Robert Weedon | Monday 1st February 2010

In readiness of the 2012 digital switch over, Teletext and Ceefax are winding down their services. Robert has a brief flick through their history, or at least he will when the page selector goes round its cycle.

Jan 24 TV Trends: A spoonful of crime

TV Trends: A spoonful of crime

Robert Weedon | Sunday 24th January 2010

Robert looks on as crime and medicine series spin themselves into oblivion.

Jan 13 TV trends: Casual concessions

TV trends: Casual concessions

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 13th January 2010

With so-called 'channel surfing' becoming the ghost behind the wardrobe of programme makers, Robert looks into why they're concerned, and questions whether their fear is justified.

Dec 24 The Future of Carols?

The Future of Carols?

Robert Weedon | Thursday 24th December 2009

Christmas carols are always heralded as an integral part of the season. However, with increasing secularisation and a suspicion of anything Victorian or traditional, how much longer will they survive? Robert looks at the annual service from King's College, Cambridge, and then, like a hooded harbringer of misery, discusses the future.

Dec 16 Audio Identities: Radio station themes

Audio Identities: Radio station themes

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 16th December 2009

Despite the increase of musical branding on the visual medium of television, on UK national radio, the opposite seems to be happening. Robert speculates about what's happening, and for nostalgia's sake looks at some old station musical themes.

Nov 26 ITV buys Disney's stake in GMTV

ITV buys Disney's stake in GMTV

Robert Weedon | Thursday 26th November 2009

ITV is to buy Disney's 25% stake in GMTV for 22.25 million, therefore making the breakfast television channel a wholly-owned subsiduary of ITV. Image Dissectors discusses what this might mean.

Nov 25 Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 25th November 2009

With Christmas only a month away, Robert speculates about what television we can look forward to in the forthcoming festive season, and wonders why we all look forward to it anyway.

Nov 23 The HD event

The HD event

Robert Weedon | Monday 23rd November 2009

HD is rolling out across the country, but only to a select few. Which future television event will persuade people to make the switch to High Definition?

Nov 13 Review: Collision

Review: Collision

Robert Weedon | Friday 13th November 2009

Robert reviews ITV1's latest drama series, and surprisingly, he likes it.

Oct 5 iFootball


Robert Weedon | Monday 5th October 2009

As an England match is shown for the first time exclusively on the internet, Robert discusses the implications of sport over the web.

Sep 23 TV trends: Televisual letterboxes

TV trends: Televisual letterboxes

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 23rd September 2009

Robert highlights the recent rise in the fake 2.35:1 letterbox on television.

Sep 20 Product Placement wins

Product Placement wins

Robert Weedon | Sunday 20th September 2009

Robert discusses some of the implications of the government's decision to allow product placement on British commercial television.

Aug 22 Suitable for All?

Suitable for All?

Robert Weedon | Saturday 22nd August 2009

Robert examines the current BBFC ratings system and wonders if its categories are really useful. Warning: contains thematic elements.

Aug 7 Pay-Per-View Online News

Pay-Per-View Online News

Robert Weedon | Friday 7th August 2009

News Corporation to charge for online newspaper access.

Aug 3 TV trends: The Working Title Show

TV trends: The Working Title Show

Robert Weedon | Monday 3rd August 2009

Nothing to do with the film production company, in this article, Robert bemoans the lack of originality in new programme names, and the rise of the "Working Title title".

Aug 2 The British Are Coming?

The British Are Coming?

Robert Weedon | Sunday 2nd August 2009

Robert writes an inconclusive little introduction to a planned series of articles on British films, and highlights the influence of three of the big names in British cinema.

Jul 19 A few aspects of picture ratio

A few aspects of picture ratio

Robert Weedon | Sunday 19th July 2009

Robert has a go at writing an incomprehensive little guide to watching films at home on television, and concludes that you probably shouldn't bother.

Jul 12 The rise and fall of ITV

The rise and fall of ITV

Robert Weedon | Sunday 12th July 2009

ITV, once an admired rival to the BBC, is now floundering in a swimming pool of its own effluence. With the recent cancellation of the South Bank Show, and several expensive drama series, Robert discusses why.

May 6 Land of Hope and Glory-hunters

Land of Hope and Glory-hunters

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 6th May 2009

Robert Weedon discusses the Last Night of the Proms, and in particular the increasing televisual tyranny that are the BBC Proms in the Parks.

May 5 The Perils of Live Broadcasting

The Perils of Live Broadcasting

Robert Weedon | Tuesday 5th May 2009

In this article, Robert Weedon praises the BBC's Music, Sport and Religious programming outside broadcast teams, while complaining about some less well filmed live events.

May 3 BBC Video Logo

BBC Video Logo

Robert Weedon | Sunday 3rd May 2009

It may seem an odd thing to be misty eyed about, but the BBC Video ident used between 1990-1997 is a logo which hasn't dated or been bettered by any of the subsequent logos used by the corporation. Robert Weedon dissects why.

Apr 26 In defence of modern television?

In defence of modern television?

Robert Weedon | Sunday 26th April 2009

In this article, Robert Weedon suggests why television was never quite as good as you remember, before completely contradicting himself by going off on a rant about how ITV used to be much better in the old days.

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