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About the Site:

Audion Tube is a database of radio programmes broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 4 and 7, run by Robert Weedon and Simon Pitt. Inspired by the slightly more famous IMDB, it was named after Lee De Forest's Audion Tube, arguably one of the first radios ever invented.

Technical Information:

Audion Tube gets its information from BBC iPlayer. The BBC offer a number of RSS feeds, and Audion Tube uses a slightly customised combined feed of Radio Drama and Radio Comedy. Each entry in the feed in parsed in PHP to work out what strand and series it is part of. The information is then checked against the current database to see whether it is a repeat or a new programme. The Audion Tube does this twice a day; at midnight and at 6PM. Cast information is added manually.

Number of programmes in database: 40625
Number of people in database: 2171
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