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Articles published in November 2009:

Nov 4 ITV Still Reunited

ITV Still Reunited

Simon Pitt | Wednesday 4th November 2009

ITV's sale of Friends Reunited is to be investigated by the competition committee. In the mean time, ITV is left holding the costly, and very rubbish, baby that is

Nov 6 A Brief Guide to Radio Drama

A Brief Guide to Radio Drama

Simon Pitt | Friday 6th November 2009

Simon gives a broad overview of drama on BBC Radio and offers a few thoughts on its nature and popularity, before wondering why nobody knows there is drama on Radio 3.

Nov 11 Demanding Entertainment

Demanding Entertainment

Simon Pitt | Wednesday 11th November 2009

According to the media, getting video On Demand wherever and whenever you want it is pretty much the most exciting thing to ever happen. But is On Demand all it's cracked up to be? If it is, why isn't everyone doing it, and if it isn't, why not? As the BBC turn off their Real Player streams and move to iPlayer for all TV and Radio, Simon looks at just how popular iPlayer is and examines why it hasn't set the world alight as much as everyone wishes.

Nov 12 Who's Who at the BBC

Who's Who at the BBC

Simon Pitt | Thursday 12th November 2009

With the BBC releasing salary information for their top 107 decision makers, Simon takes the opportunity to examine who some of the key figures are, and how they got there.

Nov 14 Review: Collision

Review: Collision

Robert Weedon | Saturday 14th November 2009

Robert reviews ITV1's latest drama series, and surprisingly, he likes it.

Nov 14 Why Everyone Seems to Hate the BBC

Why Everyone Seems to Hate the BBC

Simon Pitt | Saturday 14th November 2009

You can't open a newspaper these day without reading a rant about the BBC. With the BBC releasing their expenses, and journalists struggling to find something to complain about, Simon examines why everyone seems to hate the BBC.

Nov 17 Asian Network's Soap Cancelled

Asian Network's Soap Cancelled

Simon Pitt | Tuesday 17th November 2009

The BBC have announced that the Asian Network's soap, Silver Street, will air its last episode in March 2010. It will be replaced by a run of monthly stand-alone thirty-minute dramas. Is this the beginning of the end for drama on the Asian Network? Or maybe for the Asian Network itself?

Nov 19 Month Roundup: October 2009

Month Roundup: October 2009

Simon Pitt | Thursday 19th November 2009

A brief overview of everything that happened in the media in October 2009. The month in which a racist appeared on Question Time, TS Eliot became the nation's favourite poet and laugh-a-minute swear-fest The Thick Of It returned to BBC Two.

Nov 21 How the News: Works

How the News: Works

Simon Pitt | Saturday 21st November 2009

An examination of the way news and journalists work. Where do news stories come from and where do they go when they're not on the front page anymore? An Image Dissectors exclusive scoop!

Nov 23 The HD event

The HD event

Robert Weedon | Monday 23rd November 2009

HD is rolling out across the country, but only to a select few. Which future television event will persuade people to make the switch to High Definition?

Nov 26 Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming

Robert Weedon | Thursday 26th November 2009

With Christmas only a month away, Robert speculates about what television we can look forward to in the forthcoming festive season, and wonders why we all look forward to it anyway.

Nov 26 ITV buys Disney's stake in GMTV

ITV buys Disney's stake in GMTV

Robert Weedon | Thursday 26th November 2009

ITV is to buy Disney's 25% stake in GMTV for 22.25 million, therefore making the breakfast television channel a wholly-owned subsiduary of ITV. Image Dissectors discusses what this might mean.

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