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Image Dissectors is a collection of interesting articles about everything in the media. It is run by Robert Weedon and Simon Pitt, who review and analyse the television, the internet, the radio and things that contain pictures, sounds, either, neither or both.

Feb 26 Website nostalgia

Website nostalgia

Robert Weedon | Wednesday 26th February 2014

Films, books, TV, toys, radio; they can all be catalysts for nostalgia. But what about a website?

Feb 23 Play for Yesterday

Play for Yesterday

Robert Weedon | Sunday 23rd February 2014

"The play’s the thing" said Hamlet in some play or other, and early media people would have agreed with him, but probably not now. The word 'play' appeared as a label for drama from the first broadcasts on radio through to the golden age of television. Now it's never heard except in theatre. But is it the end for the TV play?

Feb 23 Back to the Fifties

Back to the Fifties

Robert Weedon | Sunday 23rd February 2014

TV always has a pet period, and in this article Robert argues slightly unconvincingly that at the moment we appear to be living in the 1950s.

Feb 16 Bias and Impartiality

Bias and Impartiality

Simon Pitt | Sunday 16th February 2014

This is an article about my views, which are my views and not the views of the BBC. The views expressed in this article are mine, and wholly mine. And even though I work for the BBC, if I say I think something that does not mean the BBC as a whole thinks that same thing. So, if you're wondering to yourself: the views in this article, whose are they? Are they the BBC's? The answer is no; they're not the BBC's views, they are mine.

Jan 3 Sherlock and the Well-Made Play

Sherlock and the Well-Made Play

Simon Pitt | Friday 3rd January 2014

The first episode of the new series of Sherlock was about one thing. How did he survive the fall from the top of a building. Or, at least, that's what everyone thought it was about before it aired.

Aug 26 Bond Pretitle Sequences: Dr No

Bond Pretitle Sequences: Dr No

Simon Pitt | Monday 26th August 2013

And so, after 22 films, 22 pre-credit sequences, two toilets, four police chases, two harnesses, two sequences bathed in red light and one duck on a head, I've arrived at Dr No, where it all started. The first Eon Bond film and the beginning of my journey through Bond Pretitle Sequences. But has it all ended in an anti-climax. Dr No doesn't have a sequence before the credits. Or does it?

Aug 25 Bond Pretitle Sequences: From Russia With Love

Bond Pretitle Sequences: From Russia With Love

Simon Pitt | Sunday 25th August 2013

Sean Connery is back as Bond. After the success of Dr No, Bond returned. And this time, there was a pre-title sequence. An exciting, action-packed mini-film that sees the death of Bond. Should cinema-goers demand their money back? Is the rest of the film just M wondering what to put in Bond's obituary?

Aug 23 Bond Pretitle Sequences: Goldfinger

Bond Pretitle Sequences: Goldfinger

Simon Pitt | Friday 23rd August 2013

Goldfinger contains, in many ways, the original Bond pre-title sequence. It has it all. A big explosion. A cavalier pun in response to the death of a fellow human being and a belly dancer. Oh and a seagull.

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